A Colorful Family Session

Apr 1, 2021 | Family

This colorful family session is one of my favorites to date, mostly because of the family in them. I met Jacqueline ten years ago (that can’t POSSIBLY be right) when we were both attending the same CrossFit gym (another factoid that hasn’t aged well in my case). I remember when she walked in the room; she was blonde, full of energy, and had a smile that lit up the whole dingy, poorly lit gym. As a fairly socially anxious person, she’s exactly the type of person I would normally have felt a bit intimidated by, but I instantly fell for her. She radiated kindness and I immediately knew I had found a friend. Since then, I’ve watched her find the love of her life and get married, have two beautiful babies, endure excruciating loss, excel in her career, and grow into an incredible woman. And I’ve also been lucky enough to get to photograph her and her family along the way.

This family is truly ride or die. They are loving, accepting, fierce, and resilient, and once they welcome you in, you’re not getting back out. They know how to have a good time and I love getting to capture it! Jacqueline puts 100% into everything she does, and planning and executing photo shoots are no exception. What started as a small-scale painting session evolved into what you see here: an all-out paint war. My shoes still bear some of the evidence of that day and I’m not mad about it.

J, you’re amazing and I love you and your whole family so much. 



Mount Ida Farm Wedding | Charlottesville, VA

Mount Ida Farm Wedding | Charlottesville, VA

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