Hannah & Shiloh – Historic Rosemont Springs Wedding

Jan 21, 2021 | Weddings

Hannah and Shiloh got married at Historic Rosemont Springs in Berryville, VA, which is one of my favorite venues. That little waterfall, those chandeliers?? COME ON. The barn was decked out for Christmas (I’m a sucker for twinkle lights) and it made it all the more magical.

Before I started shooting weddings on my own, I was what photographers call a second shooter, which is exactly what it sounds like. I was the secondary photographer for another photographer for a wedding that they were contracted to shoot. I started second shooting because I knew I wanted to photograph weddings but at the time, didn’t have the experience to do so confidently. Second shooting gave me the opportunity to learn alongside another photographer, get used to the rhythms of a wedding day, and most importantly, sharpen my shooting skills.

Now that I’m ten years into shooting weddings, being a second shooter is just FUN! It helps to round out my schedule, lets me work with other super rad photographers, and allows my brain to relax enough to try some creative things I may not have the opportunity to do as a lead shooter. And when I bring in a second shooter for a wedding, I want them to use that time to play and try out new things without the pressure that comes with being the lead.

I met Molly years ago when she hired me to photograph her wedding. As fate would have it, she started her own photography business a few years ago (Molly Majher Photography) and stepped in to second shoot a wedding for me this summer. What transpired has turned out to be a lovely working relationship. I got to second shoot a few weddings with her at the end of 2020, and this wedding was one of my favorites. 

If you have an event to plan, make sure you check out Historic Rosemont Springs! The staff is accommodating, the facility spotless, and it’s the perfect example of rustic elegance. 

Here are a few images I love from Hannah and Shiloh’s big day!




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