Suzy and Clayton are – I’m not gonna lie here – my dream clients. And it’s not because they’re both super photogenic (although they are, obvi), or even because we took a beer break in the middle of the session. It’s because they are so connected, not just as a couple, but also as friends. Their connection, silliness and willingness to do ridiculous things during our engagement shoot this summer made for some awesome photos and a really fun couple of hours! We met on Clayton’s family’s property just outside of Winchester, VA. There was sweat, there were cow pies and there were a lot of laughs.

I actually met Clayton briefly at a wedding I photographed a few years back and unknowingly remembered exactly who Suzy was from the reception that day. I had taken a photo of the two of them laughing together at the reception and it was one of my favorites that day. They just like each other SO MUCH! When Suzy reached out regarding booking me for their wedding this December, she had no idea I was the person who had snapped that photo (which also happened to be her Facebook profile photo at the time)! It was totally meant to be and I am SO excited for their wedding at Raspberry Plain Manor.

Check them all and their hotness out!