Cigar bar display

Unique Reception Additions

September 16, 2021

Rachael Schoellen

Planning Your Northern Virginia Wedding

One of the most exciting parts about planning a wedding is adding touches throughout the ceremony and reception that make it feel uniquely yours. One of the most fun and unique reception additions I have encountered as a wedding photographer is a cigar bar.

Hunter and Eric had their wedding in the gorgeous backyard of the bride’s father’s home in Old Town Winchester, Virginia. They utilized a screened-in back porch as the location for the cigar bar, as it was far enough from the reception tent to keep the smoke from wafting to the other guests but close enough for those partaking to see and hear the action happening from inside the tent. They took care to add items to the cigar bar, like matches and mints, in containers that were in keeping with the other decor elements used during the reception and had plenty of options to satisfy every cigar lover.

If a cigar bar isn’t really your thing, the idea of adding something unique and tailored to your tastes that your guests can enjoy can still apply to your reception. Are you a secret mixologist? Have a do-it-yourself cocktail mixing bar with recipes you’ve concocted and note cards for guests to write down their favorite mixed drink! Do you love to create art? Have an art area set up where guests can create small art pieces for your home, or have a guest book where each guest draws a little something along with their signature.

Unique reception additions, like a cigar bar, are just one way to make your day feel extra special for everyone, but especially you. The options are only limited to your imagination!

Cigar bar display
Juarez cigar box
Half-smoked cigar in an ashtray