Moffat Family At Home

Jun 30, 2021 | Family

One of my favorite sessions so far this year is the family session I recently did with the Moffat family at home. I met the Moffats when they hired me to do a session in their home just outside of Winchester, VA after their oldest son August was born. Now August is three and has a six month old brother, and I spent a busy morning running around and playing with them, snapping pictures along the way. Gus is now my very best friend and his little brother is the first baby I’ve held since early 2020 and it made my entire year just to squish his little belly and smell that sweet baby smell. This family is truly wonderful and I feel so lucky to have clients like them. 



Mount Ida Farm Wedding | Charlottesville, VA

Mount Ida Farm Wedding | Charlottesville, VA

If you know me at all, you know I’m what you could call “complicated basic”. I have taken a photo of myself holding a Starbucks cup, I love Fall and anything autumnally scented or flavored, I squeal when I see cute things, and still maintain an unironic love of...

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