Mount Ida Farm Wedding | Charlottesville, VA

Sep 1, 2021 | Weddings

If you know me at all, you know I’m what you could call “complicated basic”. I have taken a photo of myself holding a Starbucks cup, I love Fall and anything autumnally scented or flavored, I squeal when I see cute things, and still maintain an unironic love of Friends. But I’m also a deep thinker, an avid reader, and have been called a nerd more than once. This really has nothing to with this blog post except to say that as a complicated basic who loves weddings, all things autumnal, and books, THIS WEDDING GAVE ME LIFE. And y’all, I was just there as a second shooter for another photographer, so I got to spend an inordinate amount of time drooling over the details of this impeccably styled wedding at Mount Ida Farm in Charlottesville, VA.

Gilded Gatherings is responsible for bringing beauty, books, and autumn together in the form of stunning tablescapes and centerpieces. They stayed true to the rustic aesthetic of the barn at Mount Ida Farm by using vintage tables, setees, and dinnerware among casually draped florals and greenery. They elevated the rustic elements with more formal touches in the form of lush fabrics, gilded votive holders, and marble accents. The deep wine and berry florals used throughout the space and in the bride’s bouquet brought in the rich colors of autumn, resulting in a deeply layered and thoughtful color palette. And then there are the books. K+B are avid readers, as well, and wanted that incorporated into the design. Gilded Gatherings did not disappoint. Every centerpiece showcased different books and framed excerpts from their favorite texts were on every surface. Guys, it was heaven; books, Fall, sparkly things, rustic tables, and greenery everywhere. 

Please take a moment to enjoy oohing and ahhing over these details as much as I still do! Many thanks to Sarah of Purple Fern Photography for having me along to shoot with you!

Wedding huppah overlooking a lake



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